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Looking for Stigmergy is an ongoing independent inquiry into the languages of design and its systems. It is a search for new paradigms and tools that travels across disciplines and via modes of existence beyond the human. The project addresses the epistemology of design so as to consider and incorporate not only humans as a transforming force, but also other organisms and systems. Looking for Stigmergy assumes the shape of a growing online platform, which expands, contracts and morphs depending on the context or institution in which it operates. The platform is ‘fed’ through temporary exhibitions, pedagogical experiments, round-table conversations, conferences and publications, through physical and non-physical means. (close)

Curator: Martina Muzi
Editor: Chiara Clarke Siravo
Graphic identity + website: Kirsten Spruit

Number of agents Movement speed
Action Distance Strength Show
Avoid collisions
Align with flockmates
Approach flockmates
Predator avoidance
Stay close to the center